What Can a Colour Consultant Do For You?

You have come across the term colour consultant but what do they actually do? A colour consultant is a person that is trained in colour analysis. They help people by showing then the benefits in using colours correctly. They can show you how and why there are colours that can detract from your looks making you pasty and ill while other colours can give you a healthy, youthful look.

A colour consultant is regarded as part of the helping profession. When changes occur in a woman life such as a divorce, loss of a loved one or illness a colour consultant is there to empower the client, making them feel confident in themselves, making them look good and feel wonderful

Throughout your Colour Consultation you will find out:

· What your basic undertone such as (Cool or Warm)

· What season you fall into (Winter or Summer/ Spring or Autumn)

· Your Flow (Deep, Light, Cool, Warm, Clear or Soft)

· The required level of contrast in your clothes and hair colour

· The fabrics that best suit you

· What fabrics are best suited to your body shape

· Which patterns are best suited to you

· Instruct you how to use your colour swatch

The colour consultation will take around 90 minutes. By the end of the consultation you will have witnessed the effects that the correct colours have on your complexion as well as have an understanding of why they work for you. A swatch of 50 plus colours will be given to you. You are only limited by your imagination on how you should wear these colours. When you select clothes that are worn close to the face your “right colours” they will have an absolutely positive impact on your face. So have faith in the swatch an use it religiously when shopping. This also includes the purchases of accessories, i.e earrings, necklaces and scarves, and make-up.

To have a beautiful swatch of colours is one thing but now are able to apply the things that you have learnt and apply it to the clothes in your wardrobe and to all the clothing and make-up purchases you will make in the future. Saving you hundred of dollars.

Developing a wardrobe which is colour correct and coordinated takes time

If your wardrobe is filled of the incorrect colours, make every new purchase a right one and before long the wardrobe will come together with clothes that look great on you and that you love.

With the help of a colour consultant you will discover your true colours and will shop smart and efficiently with a mistake ratio of zero. You will ultimately have a wardrobe full of favorites and 100% effective instead of wearing 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time.